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5 Things You Should Always Do In Learning Events

Posted on: 9/1/2018 at

Learning events are very important these days, because attendees are there to go home having learned whatever was offered in this event, so lets go straight to it, here are 5 things you should always do, when you are doing a learning event:


  • Learning Outcome, know when is this happening?


    1. Business owners, are involved in everything from the early stages of a business or company. They are the head of marketing, sales, HR, finance, operations, admin and delivery. So, when they are investing time, money and energy into fine turning one of these skills, it really needs to hit the mark. When planning your event, get clear about what it is they will be leaving with. “Improved business skills” isn’t a defined outcome “A perfected pitch” is. Brief your speakers to the outcome and check in with attendees throughout the day to make sure you are on track.


    1. Avoid Extended Periods of Sitting – Make Them Move
      Entrepreneurs are busy people. Not just in the crammed schedule sense but the busy body sense, they move fast and break things. They have their fingers in lots of pies and generally aren’t all that great at sitting still or concentrating on one task for very long. So, make them move! Even short disruptions of their physical bodies can work wonders. Ask them to stand during a task, to move to a different space in the room, to swap seats or even sit on the floor.


    1. Don’t Take Up More Time Than Necessary – Condense the Day
      Ever heard the saying, less is more? It is easy to get a little complacent running business events, they almost by default start at 9 and finish at 5…. but why? Because those are the “usual” office hours? An off-site event isn’t a usual office day so break the mould, give delegates some breathing room in the morning to get there. It’s likely your attendee’s morning commute has been a little different on event day so starting just half an hr later could give everyone the extra time they need to delegate the days tasks to the team, navigate to a new location and be really be present by the time the show kicks off. It’d be rare for a business owner to take 3 lengthy breaks during a usual work day yet it’s the norm for full day events… Keep break times tight and end times sharp, they’ll appreciate you for it.


    1. Prevent Death by PowerPoint – Have Fun
      Winston Churchill said, “Personally I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught”. This is true of so many Entrepreneurs and although eager for the outcome, the learning part isn’t always enjoyable. Face to face events are such an opportunity for people to really connect and to make learning fun. Inject moments of surprise, happiness or fun where ever you can through music, videos, games or quick moments of silliness. A great speaker will have tricks up their sleeves. A few silly moments and attendees can connect with each other and learn on a totally different level.


  1. Always keep a positive and open attitude towards your audience – This will help you interact best with your crowd.